The Deadpool Movie Review: Just Go See It

Finally, we are graced with a modern rated-R “superhero” movie that isn’t afraid average people are going to drop their wallets and run at the site of exploding brain matter, bawdy humor, and blood and guts…lots of blood and dismantled or impaled body parts.

I just saw the Deadpool movie tonight, and I’ve deemed it a definite blu-ray purchase and repeat watch. Fuck. Yes. Deadpool isn’t just all about creative evisceration and puncture wounds; it bleeds just as much audio-visual style and drips just as much quotable sarcastic wit. It’s O.K. to feel good about it — really, it’s O.K. — you can like this one!

deadpool ticpicks

Deadpool is a refreshingly “small” film compared to a monumental Superman, Batman, X-Men, or Avenger release. Wade Wilson isn’t saving a doomed city, preventing aliens from enslaving the world, or stopping something important from blowing up. It’s much more simple, and he really isn’t even a hero — and not because he’s struggling with daddy-issues or the morality of using his own powers. Deadpool is funny, cocky, lovable, self-abasing, and lethal in over 100 different ways, and he’s just on a self-serving revenge mission.

Maybe it was the similar mask, the fun dialogue, or the plot’s intimacy, but I got serious vibes of 1997’s Spawn — especially as I sit here recalling the simple revenge-focused plot and quick, catchy one-liners. Except, this time our protagonist is both the wise-cracking clown and proficient death-dealer.  I don’t recall a character combination in any movie that has worked quite well, at least on the hero’s side.

al simmons spawn unmasked
Wade Wilson and Al Simmons share similar post-super power deformities

Deadpool’s story is more like, “You fucked up my face after you cured me of cancer, and you were a dick throughout the whole process, so now I’m going to find you and kill you.” I can deal with this unsophisticated story because the whole movie was portrayed in such a surprising, fun way. In addition, Ryan Reynolds is a goddamn natural for the role of Wade Wilson/Deadpool. Although, I was not expecting so many callbacks to his misaligned stints in Green Lantern and X-Men: Wolverine Origins. (Hugh Jackman also got some occasional heat.) It worked, though. The fourth wall was predictably broken many times.

Deadpool was awesome overall, and the violence and humor flowed from scene to scene just as the flashy trailers portrayed. The movie almost seemed like one big trailer, with all the best parts crammed together over catchy music and spliced with laughs. And still, Wade’s frequent narration kept every flashback and flash-forward on track so I didn’t get confused. I loved all the action and acrobatics; the sword swings and gun play were superb. It was raw, hilarious, unexpected, and just touching enough to not make Wade’s love interest annoying.

The only thing I really didn’t like was the inclusion of some of the X-Men. I understand why Colossus was involved as he played a strong and serious compliment to Wade’s random ridiculousness. I would have rather seen someone like Gambit trade sly quips and energetic blows with Deadpool. Gambit is also a lot more “mortal” than Deadpool or Colossus; Remy Labeau can actually die from a couple gunshots, so I think this would have injected a little more danger into a few of the action sequences.

I was also puzzled by one weird thing. There was this evil “strong-woman” character (I never caught her name) who was constantly playing with a match in her lips. I don’t know who this mutant is, or if it’s a new mutant or someone from the comics. I thought she had some sort of “fire power” and she used the match to ignite herself like The Human Torch. Instead, her match fetish was used as some sort of plot device…you’ll see. She was also annoying and mostly mute to boot. Totally forgettable.

Anyway, just fucking go see this movie. You might not love it, but you’ll at least have a bunch of laughs and enjoy the change of superhero scenery.

deadpool leroy jenkins


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