"Don't worry, it'll be alright here..."

Cat Pictures Cuteness Overload! Cat-Brothers From Another Mother

I wanted to do something different and happy on Hamster Patrol today.

So, I’ve been enjoying a lot of outstanding WordPress cat and pet photos lately, and it inspired me to share some of the cutest captured moments of our two cat-brothers from another mother! I’ll provide a little background on our spoiled, pampered cats, trying to spare you from ALL their hilarious exploits and personality traits.

The following cat photos were taken by myself or my wife with a selection of cameras and cell phones over nine years. We have many pictures in our catalog, so I tried to find the cutest cat pictures to use on this post. I’ll try to provide some context to each shot, as well.

Baters, our former shelter kitty at four-months-old

To start, the above photo is a kitty-pic of Baters, an adorable, gentle orange tabby we adopted at the local Second Hand Purrs cat shelter in Milwaukee a bit over eight years ago. He was a very timid cat, freaking out and scampering at any new noises or sudden movements; although, he still had a lot of curious energy and yearned to be social with people.

Baters reminded me of a awkward guinea pig in a cat’s body. He would run around for inexplicable reasons making high-pitched whining noises, and to this day he still talks and cries all the time. But he also loved to just crash on your lap to be petted for hours on end. And his purr was the absolute loudest and deepest you’d ever experience — he actually sounded like a little motorboat!

We hoped Baters would soon break out of his cat shelter-shell and enjoy life a little more…

clappy the kitty ambassador
Clappy, out little gentleman “Kitty Ambassador”

So, this is our first cat, Clappy; he’s about a year older than Baters. The best way I can describe Clappy’s personality is a cross between a sly, smart Bart Simpson and a cool, scavenging lion-dog. Clappy will do anything (including tricks) for any kind of food — he should have been a cat-actor due to his high intelligence. Also, Clappy isn’t afraid of anything, so he makes a lot of trouble when he doesn’t get his way. Besides all the bird hunting, pranks, and food-stealing, Clappy does have a softer side: He is absolutely obsessed with blankets and quilts of all sorts — he’ll even make you fluff one up for him every day!

orange tabby in a wicker basket
Sometimes, crazy Clappy even likes the occasional box or basket!

With Bater’s introduction, we were very concerned how cats with completely opposite personalities would interact with each other. What happened was a tiny kitty-miracle. Clappy “matured” overnight and became Bater’s perfect “Kitty Ambassador,” conditioning him to be more comfortable with people along with trying different treats, playing kitty games, and learning new tricks! Clappy even personally rescued a howling Baters from the basement when he was too frightened to come back up the stairs.

Clappy just didn’t seem like his selfish, overly-competitive cat-self. It’s possible he acted so obnoxious in the past because he needed a little brother-cat in his life. We weren’t sure…

Regardless, the two cats began to love each other a lot, and I think it shows in some of these photos. Here are a couple shots of Clappy’s initial bonding moments with Baters in their big cat tower. They look so happy!


cute cats grooming each other smiling

Their friendship grew at exponential rates their first year together. Baters was becoming more outgoing, and he was completely comfortable with Clappy — who was gracious enough to share all his sleeping spots and treasured blankets. He even let the shy Baters win a few cat-scraps once in a while to increase his confidence. Baters became very attached to us humans, as well, and he would even prance to the front door (following Clappy’s lead) when a visitor or delivery person arrived at our house.

don't worry, it'll be alright...


Baters grew up fairly normal for a rescue shelter kitty — except we don’t think he was ever completely comfortable not being the dominant cat, which is probably because he’s extremely jealous for our attention. So, he started this “competitive eating” thing with Clappy because he couldn’t beat him up. You can imagine Baters gained a little weight over time; Clappy still remains quite lean but healthy. We haven’t yet found a good solution for Baters in terms of possessiveness issues or calories. (The problem also relates to why they have to use a water bottle instead of a water bowl. Clappy splashes all the water out so Baters can’t drink.)

Baters still seems really happy, though! Look at these hilariously cute pictures! He looks like a smiling upside-down anime cat/cartoon!

Some days, Baters isn’t all smiles, like when he just wants to lounge in the kitty penthouse at the top of their seven-foot-tall cat tower. Before Baters got too fat, he and Clappy could both fit in the small space. Maybe nowadays that makes him sad…or bored? 

just another day in my penthouse

Yup, that’s our two tabby cats spooning and cuddling on an office chair, passed out from a busy day of eating, chasing things, fighting, and bothering us. We find this picture really funny because Clappy looks like he’s in the shape of a shrimp, seahorse, fetal cow, or something — we can’t decide!


As the years passed, Baters became bolder and bothered Clappy even more than he usually would. It was mostly because he was insecure and possessive over Clappy laying on or near us; Baters still can’t control himself from constantly whining, whimpering, and butting in any situation. If Clappy had a good sleeping spot, Baters would have to squeeze his fatter cat body in there, too, often using his girth to either sit on Clappy’s head or slowly push him off a surface. But Clappy, being the lazy lion king that he is, just goes with the flow. Hence, Baters often just uses him as a best friend and pillow.

super adorable best friend and pillow!

However, believe me: If Clappy did not condone Bater’s bad behavior for one minute, and he did no relent, Baters would be a very sorry cat with lots missing fur on his white belly. Clappy is confidently dominant, yet patient, but he’s also a strong disciplinarian when he needs to be.

It’s not like that ALL the time, though. The cats can also share a space “nicely” when they decide to be well behaved and somewhat civil. Here they are looking like “two peas in a pod” on our living room ottoman (what has become the defacto “kitty couch”).


And here is one of my favorite cute cat pictures: Clappy is literally hugging Baters! These “little monkeys” slept like this and cuddled for hours. We have to stealthily snap these types of shots, otherwise they get weirded out and move around. So, enjoy!

super cute!

Isn’t Baters so big and lovable? For a good comparison between young-Baters and old-Baters, take a look at these two close-up cat pics. The differences are stunning, but we can’t decide which version is cuter!

"i love u!"
Baters, eight years ago, with his patented “I love you” look
Baters, modern-day. Could he be John Candy-cat reincarnated?

Well, that’s about enough cat-fun for now. Baters and Clappy are getting quite annoyed with all the attention! Also, Baters watches T.V., and he’s becoming freaked out seeing so much of himself on the big screen where I’m writing this. I can assure you — I do listen to them. These cats are very spoiled and very happy.

By making this post, I feel that I’ve truly arrived and accomplished something great on the Internet. Didn’t someone say you aren’t truly “online” until you’ve uploaded or shared some cute cat pictures or videos with the world? Cats are the most popular topic for some reason.

“COME ON…Why do you keep bothering us? Can’t you just let us rest?”

I hope you liked all our cute cat pictures. If you’d like to see another post containing more of their photos later, or you have any questions, just give me a message below. Thank you for viewing!


23 thoughts on “Cat Pictures Cuteness Overload! Cat-Brothers From Another Mother

      1. I think this is true of orange cats. even on my friend’s terrace the orange ones are very friendly, very gentle and always ready to become friends. do yours like catnip? My sister from Atlanta keeps sending me packets of it and the terrace cats go crazy when I take it for them.it helps to catch them when they have to be taken to the vet

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Clappy only liked catnip until AFTER his brother arrived; before that he didn’t care for it at all. I don’t get how that happens. Nowadays, they roll around in it and eat it up. It’s pretty funny.


  1. These are wonderful, and I love red tabbies. A red tabby roams our neighborhood with his longhair orange/white brother. The tabby looks so interested in things. He follows my husband into his shop and watches him work on one of our vehicles or build something. He looks at us with such perspicacity!

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