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My Cat’s Favorite Butt-Pillow: Cuteness Overload Alert

Because I am receiving tremendous responses to my premier Hamster Patrol blog entry on our adorable orange tabby cats, I’ve decided to occasionally post about these crazy characters —  so, how about now!

Earlier today, we fashioned this huge multi-layered blanket-bed on the sofa just for the cats, and Clappy and Baters were ecstatic to tuck themselves in early for the night. We had to make this ad hoc cat crib large enough to accommodate both our beasts to prevent them from sparring over precious fluffy space.

Even with ample room for both felines, these loving cats always prefer to snuggle and cuddle up in the weirdest ways. So, not to my surprise, I’ve once again captured Clappy using big Baters as a kind of “butt-pillow.” This was not annoying to Baters — believe me: This plumpy little pet could probably fit about three cat heads comfortably on his reef-like posterior.








Then, being the typical cat paparazzi, I mistakenly disturbed the scene trying to capture the best images. Baters and Clappy rearranged themselves a few times, but that still resulted in a few more cute cat shots.

I really love how Baters seems to “model” for the camera (a Galaxy Note 4) in these close-ups. At one point, I swear he was trying to nudge his face into the Clappy-only photos, as Baters is quite jealous for any smidgen of attention.


These were definitely real “awww…” moments. I just had to take time to post these adorable pictures of Baters along with the butt-pillow cat photos.




I’m not kidding — Baters actually did model himself for this one! After he gave me those cuteness overload pics, he stretched out for a serious and focused appearance. He almost looks like Stanley Kubrick framing a shot with those big paw-hands!


And here’s Clappy, curled up like a snail, slightly annoyed, and awake with that one glaring eye. He clearly is not as photogenic as Baters — and he can’t stand people hovering over him — although, he has produced his share of cute cat moments over the years.


I think he really looks like a miniature lion here!


Well, that’s about it for the nutty orange tabbies tonight.

I was attempting to get a picture of Clappy lounging in the background, but I swear Baters was re-positioning himself so he could be part of the scene. Every time I moved a centimeter to the right, Baters butted his head into the phone’s view! What a selfish little snot! That’s not very becoming of a former shelter cat. Maybe he really wants to be a famous director or actor? He does watch a lot stuff on the television…


But I’ll forgive him because he’s so darn cute…and he knows it. 

Thank you for reading, and I hope this post made you smile!


20 thoughts on “My Cat’s Favorite Butt-Pillow: Cuteness Overload Alert

    1. Thank you! Maybe Baters can be a sidekick in The Big Lebowski 2? Actually, I think Clappy could have been a real cat-actor. He’s just very smart and not afraid of anything, and he’ll do ANYTHING for food. Highly trainable.


  1. I had to check out your cats after you commented on mine. Wow, I see what you mean about your attention-grabbing cat! And his size, too. Looks like a great glorious armful of furry goodness. And looks good with the Megaman helmet too. =)

    My one orange cat, Praline, is pretty gregarious and demanding too, though not as much as Bater. I had no idea I needed an orange cat in my life until I got one.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes! Thank you for stopping by and commenting. Everyone seems to say that orange tabbies are just the coolest, most outgoing, and loving of the cat breeds. They really love food, as well. Baters is kind of a brat for attention, but they both are spoiled rotten and get lots of love and treats. It’s great to hear from another ginger-kitty lover.


  2. Based on my data sample of one, yeah, they love food. Praline steals Brussels sprouts from the stove!! And he really is amazingly outgoing. He was one of four feral kittens we took in (along with their mother, who had probably been dumped) at maybe two months old and while the other three are only vaguely friendly, you’d never know Praline hadn’t always been a family cat.

    Liked by 1 person

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