darth kitty

About the Author

Well, I could say a lot, but I won’t. I like the Wizard of Oz. I like the Tin Man. 

It’s cool to keep people guessing. I have diverse interests, but if I write about something it means I’m very passionate about it. I like to swing the pendulum from angry-insightful to insane-addictive, strange and playing with ideas and words like a broken sushi roll. Is it supposed to look that way?

I like to inspire, inform, shock, satirize, critique, liberate, engage, and observe. If you can’t be yourself, just be for something. It’s nice not to care sometimes.

-Hamster Patrol


11 thoughts on “About the Author

      1. My friend is a newspaper editor, and we’ve had several discussions about the Oxford comma (the paper’s style is to never use it). I told him I don’t know why he got an English/Journalism degree since newspapers seem to have their own strange version of grammar. Lol

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