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Hamster Patrol Blog F.A.Q.

Where does the name “Hamster Patrol” come from?
Watch The Wonder Years television series. It’s something Wayne Arnold yells to Kevin during the climax of the episode “Hiroshima, Mon Frere” (Season 2, Episode 8). This wonderful website has provided a very detailed transcript just in case you are curious.

What do you hope to accomplish with this blog? 
My mission is to Write, Inspire, Laugh, Learn, and Connect with others. It’s a new personal growth system for blogging I follow you might know by the anagram W.I.L.L.C. When you are WILLC-ing (that is following the precepts of WILLC), your blogging becomes best blogging.

What gender is Hamster Patrol?
Scavenger. But most likely an immature boy trapped in a large man’s body. 

Where are you from?
Wisconsin — Milwaukee area; formerly discharged from the West Allis creosote and industrial waste reclamation center.

How old are you?
Old enough to know better but young enough to tell myself off. 

Is this a movie review site?
Not really. There are millions of movie websites out there, and I find the cinema of real life to be much more interesting and worthwhile. Unless I have an interesting, unique take on a movie (even if I really like it), I probably wouldn’t even think of writing a review. I believe The Revenant movie review I wrote illustrates this point.

There are and have been many hobbies. I’ll have obsessions for a month or two over a lot of things. Let’s see…movies, cats, hiking, guitars, video games, paranormal, YouTube, writing (of course), technology, eating, sleeping, thinking, worrying, surviving, and other random things. (There was even a calligraphy stint mixed in there somewhere. That was a mess.)

Oprah has a “Favorite Things” list. Do you have one?


Want to know more? Ask me a question below, and I’ll do my best to provide you answers!



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